D.F. King helps you navigate today’s increased regulation, expanded disclosure and greater investor empowerment

Proactively manage your proxy season throughout the year and prepare for your annual meeting with key data and insights from our top strategists at D.F. King, an AST Company. Not understanding who owns your company can be costly, being unprepared can lead to undesirable results including low quorum, shareholder proposals passing, proxy fights or other such disruptive events. D.F. King, an AST company helps you anticipate shareholder sentiment by analyzing your shareholder profile, identifying and analyzing voting patterns and demographics.

The Debriefing, D.F. King’s 2021 Season Review and Fall Engagement Guide provides stats, charts and commentary on key topics including:

Top Shareholder Proposals

•   Environmental Initiatives

•   Social Initiatives

•   Governance Initiatives


Say-On-Pay & Equity Plans

•   Pandemic-Related Executive Compensation Changes


COVID-19 and Its Lingering Effects on the Proxy Season

•   Virtual Meetings & Updated Best Practices


Trends in Investor Behavior

•   Continued Focus on Diversity

•   Director Overboarding

D.F. King’s team of experts regularly reviews valuable intelligence data to stay on top of trends and communicate hot topics that may affect your company. They offer an extensive suite of services including proxy solicitation, corporate governance advisory, ownership intelligence and information agent services. D.F. King can help you understand how investors are likely to vote on proposals and communicate initiatives or upcoming resolutions with your shareholders. The firm can help you meet your goals including obtaining approval for a planned corporate action or addressing issues related to executive compensation.

Did your annual meeting go as planned? Were all proposals approved? Are there particular areas of concern to your investors that require strategy and preparation for 2022? Did you meet quorum last year? Do you anticipate a non-traditional ballot? Talk with a D.F. King representative to find out how they can help

As you plan for the future during these unprecedented times, you can count on all of us at AST and D.F. King to provide the annual meeting, proxy solicitation services and support you need.


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