An innovative platform that consolidates both registered and street data into a single solution for a comprehensive view of ownership, powered by the expertise and robust data sets of industry leaders AST and D.F. King & Co., Inc. (an AST Company).

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Key Features

Greater Clarity

Integrate multiple data streams into one, including both street and registered data* as well as underlying ownership data from institutional investors.

Greater Efficiency

Multiple users from your company can leverage the data in Issuer Central for their specific needs.


Benefit from historical analysis, peer ownership, and geographic and demographic reporting.

Instant Access

Our on-demand platform delivers ownership data more quickly, without the need to aggregate it from multiple sources.

Advanced Reporting

Our reporting capabilities deliver more, including the ability to extract information into formats that allow you to analyze it.

Be Prepared

Access critical information that lets you plan ahead for corporate audits, annual general meetings of shareholders (AGMs), and other corporate actions.

Product Highlights

Integrated View of Ownership

For the first time, see street and registered data together on a single platform.


Analyze shareholders based on characteristics and activity.

Flexible Reporting

Export information according to your needs.

Benchmarking Your Position to Peers

Compare your investor ownership to that of your peers.

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