Virtual Meeting Information Sheet


Amid today’s economic uncertainty, social distancing and remote workforce due to COVID-19, one thing is certain – you can conduct your shareholder meetings on a secure, compliant platform designed especially to support shareholder participation, including online voting and Q&A during the meeting. 

AST’s Virtual Meeting Services can support:

   •  Fully virtual or hybrid conferencing
   •  Online voting and Q&A
   •  Any number of shareholders participating remotely
   •  Real time tabulation and post meeting reporting

We are fully resourced to ensure a service-oriented, cost-effective experience for you and your shareholders. We will accommodate your timing, to ensure your meeting will take place when and where you want it to. When it’s time to host the meeting, AST provides a platform that enables shareholders, employees, officers and directors to participate online from anywhere in the world.

Please provide your contact information if you'd like a representative to contact you about virtually hosting your next AGM: